22 Best Camping Food Ideas for Picky Eaters

If you are a person who has picky eaters at home, and your cooked meal usually went cold on the kitchen table then you must be in dire need of food ideas for picky eaters especially when it comes to an outing or camping.

Picky eaters are indeed the best people as everyone else but it is a pain to handle their food habits. When it comes to camping, the food ideas for picky eaters are not an easy aspect at all. One of the best yet secret ways to avoid picky eating is to involve the person in the cooking process with you.

However, picky eating is a challenge, and the reason could be any so it is best to never blame a picky eater for any choice he has for food. Instead, take them camping with you because we are providing a list of amazing and delicious food ideas for picky eaters in the article below. 

List of the best camping food ideas for picky eaters

picky eaters camping food ideas list

Following is a list of delicious camping food ideas for picky eaters:

  1. Grilled cheese sandwich
  2. Oatmeal with apples and maple sauce
  3. Make ahead burritos
  4. Jaffle iron pizza
  5. Frankfurters with paddle pop sticks
  6. Nachos
  7. Eggs in bread
  8. Fries in foil
  9. Foiled fish
  10. Twisted fried rice
  11. Marshmallows in cookies
  12. Wrapped potato boats
  13. Not so boring pasta
  14. Chilli mac and cheese 
  15. Chicken and BBQ sauce
  16. Chocolate filled bananas
  17. One pan potato omelette
  18. Chicken skewers
  19. Fruit and yogurt cups
  20. Small chilli steaks
  21. Boiled omelette in a bag
  22. Chicken foil packets

Grilled cheese sandwich

I know you must be thinking that sandwiches are the only option left for picky eaters during camping but these cheese sandwiches with turn the game.

All you have to do is to place a bread piece on a plate, add your favourite grated cheese over it, and add a pinch of crushed red chilli over it and a pinch of dried parsley. Put it in a pan, cover the lid, and heat until the cheese melts. 

Oatmeal with apples and maple sauce

Oatmeal is a lifesaver when you are camping because it takes no time to cook, and you can enjoy it as a meal and as a snack as well. For picky eaters, we have added a twist to the boring oatmeal recipe.

You have to combine apples and oatmeal in a bowl, add the yummiest maple sauce over it and add your preferred milk to the bowl. That’s it!

Make ahead burritos

Burritos are delicious. However, picky eaters sometimes don’t want burritos for snacks or meals during camping.

For this purpose, make some burritos at home with juicy chicken, lemon drizzle, and ranch dressing. Heat those ready-to-eat burritos in a pan while camping, and enjoy the twist. 

Jaffle iron pizza

If you are a person who loves using jaffle iron then this recipe is surely for you. You have to get a jaffle iron with you during camping.

Add a piece of bread to it, and stuff it with your favourite stuffing. Then cover the lid and heat it until the cheese melts and the bread is done. Enjoy the quickest pizza!

Frankfurters with paddle pop sticks

Frankfurters are a lifesaver when it comes to picky eating. For camping, you have to bring frankfurters and paddle pop sticks.

Insert the paddle pop sticks into the frankfurters and cover them with a layer of fresh bread dough. Heat in a pan, and enjoy the twist. 


Although nachos are a very popular snack item when it comes to outings and camping picky eaters refuse to eat them. It is the reason that we have added a slight twist to the traditional nachos recipe.

All you have to do is to grab your favourite chips and add beans, olives, parsley, cucumber, and hot sauce with a drizzle of lemon juice to make the yummy nachos that picky eaters will love. 

Eggs in bread

Eggs are delicious yet boring if cooked in the traditional way. For breakfast, you can make eggs in a bread that your picky eater will love to try.

Make a hole in a piece of bread, place it in a pan, and add the egg to the hole that you have made. Cook perfectly, and enjoy your breakfast. 

Fries in foil

Fries are a snack that almost everyone loves. However, picky eaters sometimes refuse to taste them due to the same boring recipe.

To add a twist, place potato fingers on foil paper. Drizzle some oil, salt, and pepper, and then add the foil paper to the pan. Heat it until the fries are done. 

Foiled fish

Fish is an instant energy booster when it comes to camping fatigue. For the yummy fish recipe during camping, marinate the fish in a bag with oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, paprika, and garlic powder.

Add the fish to the foil paper, and place it in a pan. Cover the lid, and heat it until the fish is cooked. It is an amazing and healthy recipe for picky eaters as well.

Do you know that you can also prepare vacuum-sealed meals for a camping trip?

Twisted fried rice

The same boring fried rice is the reason behind the fried rice aversion for many picky eaters. For the camping fried rice, you have to add veggies, diced chicken, and bacon to the same old recipe. It will ignite the hunger of your picky eaters. 

Here are some fried rice recipes that you may check out on allrecipes.com.

Marshmallows in cookies

When it comes to camping, snacks are a must. The unique marshmallow in cookies will let everyone enjoy the snack during camping and is also very fulfilling.

You have to heat the marshmallows and then add over your favourite cookie. You can also add a piece of milk chocolate over it for the yummiest treat. 

Wrapped potato boats

For wrapped potato boats, you have to cut open your potatoes halfway from the mid and add a handful of cheese in it along with some red chilli flakes and dried parsley. Then wrap those potatoes in foil paper and cook in a pan until done. 

Not so boring pasta

Pasta is almost everyone’s favourite but not a good treat for picky eaters sometimes. It is the reason that we have chosen this recipe. Pasta is the type of add water meal that doesn’t require a lot of time to prepare on camping.

All you have to do is to add marinara sauce along with diced chicken and grated parmesan. Your picky eater will love eating it. 

Chilli mac and cheese 

You must have never heard about this recipe because we have invented it to calm the hunger of our picky eaters.

For the chilli mac and cheese, you have to add the chilli flakes and garlic powder to the white sauce. It will surely be a treat for everyone in the camp.

Chicken and BBQ sauce

BBQ sauce is definitely a mood changer when it comes to camping and picky eating. For this delicious recipe, take chicken pieces along with skin and add BBQ sauce to it. Cook them in a pan until done. 

Chocolate filled bananas

Have you ever heard about this snack? Cut open the banana and add chocolate filling to it then place it in a pan and cook it to enhance the flavour. 

One pan potato omelette

A potato omelette is one of the favourite treats for picky eaters. Grate a small potato into three eggs, and add salt, pepper, chilli flakes, and fresh parsley to it.

Heat a pan with some butter and add the mixture to it. Cover the lid, and cook the omelette until fully cooked. 

Chicken skewers

Chicken skewers can lift the mood of our picky eaters during camping. However, make sure to marinade the chicken pieces with some red chilli powder, salt, garlic powder, and lemon juice, and then add those pieces to the skewers, and cook them to enjoy your treat.

Fruit and yogurt cups

If you are a fruit lover then this recipe is for you. For the picky eaters, we have added the cups part to make them crave the recipe. All you have to do is to take small cups and layer the yogurt and your favourite fruit chunks in them. 

Small chilli steaks

For enjoying the steaks during camping, make it our way so that picky eaters will also be lovers. Take small pieces of beef steak, add your favourite dressings to it, and lastly add the green chilli slices. Cook it in a pan until done. 

Boiled omelette in a bag

For delicious camping mornings, make the boiled omelette in a bag if you want to grab the attention of picky eaters as well.

All you have to do is to take zip lock bags and add whisked eggs along with your favourite veggies and spices. Add the bag to a pot of boiling water and cook until done. 

Chicken foil packets

For chicken foil packets, you have to cut the chicken into big cubes and marinate it with your favourite spices. Wrap each cube into a foil paper piece and cook it in a pan until done.

Picky eating is not a disorder to get offended. Instead, it is a common behaviour that is very normal. All you have to do is to give some twist to your traditional dishes so that they can enjoy eating as well.

In the above article, there is a list of amazing meal ideas for picky eaters during camping. All of these foods can be made if you have a kettle or camping stove along with you on a camping trip. And I hope these food ideas will make your camping trip a memorable one.

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